Buzz Method works with clients to develop bespoke programmes to meet their specific objectives. We only employ senior consultants who are specialists in their field to ensure that you have the best expertise focussed on your communications challenge.  We’d like to talk to you about how we can help to grow your particular business, however many of our programmes include a combination of the following services:

Stakeholder engagement – Buzz Method strives to build advocacy for its clients with the stakeholders most likely to influence their bottom line. This includes media, but also industry analysts, third party advisors (TPAs) key opinion leaders (KOLs), consultants and other experts, who in turn educate and influence the market. Our consultants identify the most important influencers for your business, build insights into their current interests and perceptions and use this to inform the way in which you engage with them.

Message development and delivery – You know what you want to say, but making it relevant to your audience is the hard part. Buzz Method has a robust approach to message development, working with the senior leaders of your business to identify the stories and proof points that reflect your business goals and resonate with your target audience. Our consultants build internal consensus throughout this process to ensure that the messages support the entire business. Buzz Method will work closely with senior spokespeople to ensure that they are comfortable with delivering these messages to ensure that they hit the mark.

Transnational effectiveness programmes – In a global economy, it’s essential to ensure that you are communicating in a clear, consistent way around the world. Buzz Method will work with your network of communications professionals and agencies across the globe to ensure that they all have a solid understanding of the business goals and are implementing a communications strategy that will succeed in meeting those goals.

Media Agency selection support – Choosing the right communications partners will increase your chances of success, whether it’s for a market you are familiar with, or one you have never worked in before. Buzz Method works with multi-discipline agencies and specialised consultants in several countries/regions around the world and has a good understanding of local market dynamics and languages. Our consultants support clients with their agency selection process in single or multiple geographical regions, with a focus on effectiveness.

Industry events – Major trade shows in any industry are a key milestone in a communications programme. They are very crowded environments and it is important to get the approach right. Buzz Method helps companies to develop their communications approach for the show and plan for its effective delivery. This includes ensuring communications are relevant and compelling, developing press and marketing materials, supporting with presentation content, scheduling meetings with key stakeholders, media training key executives as they prepare for the event and becoming part of the clients’ team, on hand to help them through the event itself.

Mentoring and coaching – Buzz Method’s mentoring and coaching service focuses exclusively on ensuring that you deliver to the absolute best of your ability. Our consultants work with people who are new to communications as they develop their skills, through to CEOs as they prepare for significant meetings.

Training and personal development – Buzz Method offers training programmes, including outreach planning, press release writing, presentation skills, stakeholder engagement, media training, cross cultural communications, client service skills and engaging in online conversations. Our qualified trainers can develop bespoke mentoring courses, specifically tailored to clients’ organisations; we also conduct advanced ‘train-the-trainer’ programmes to equip your own personnel to deliver future training.

Video interviews – filmed by an award-winning film director

Buzz Method works with a seasoned film maker to produce promotional interviews for our clients.

Company and country profiles – in written and video formats, using our extensive experience. Profiles can be used by our clients for multiple purposes to promote their offering. We advise, edit and author messaging to communicate as effectively as possible.