Identify. Connect. Influence.

Right target – Right message – Right delivery

It seems simple, but businesses entering a new market, category or geography can accelerate their chances of success by getting it right first time.

Buzz Method works with organisations to identify key stakeholder groups that have significant impact on the success of their business. This may include industry analysts, key opinion leaders, consultants and other corporate advisers who in turn educate and influence the market.

Our consultants work closely with our clients devising a strategy to engage with these stakeholders, developing the right message and supporting clients to ensure the way it’s delivered has the greatest impact. The priority is ensuring success and this may involve helping clients to choose the right agency partners, collaborating with in-house teams, coordinating international programmes or interim management of specific projects.

Our specialists have extensive experience of working with clients in a range of geographies, including Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, India, Japan, Russia, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States, empowering them to build the right international relationships to grow their business. We also help American, European and Asian companies to develop and roll-out their global communications strategies.

Buzz Method works with large and small organisations. We have proven, specific expertise in working with companies in telecoms, IT, media and healthcare, as well as Government agencies. In addition to working directly with clients, Buzz Method also partners with PR agencies to complement their offering.

Buzz Method works with its clients to develop a bespoke programme to meet their specific objectives including:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Message development and delivery
  • Transnational effectiveness programmes
  • Agency selection support
  • Industry events
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Training and personal development

Dominic Pannell

Founder/Principal Consultant

Working in corporate communications for three decades, Buzz Method’s founder, Dominic, helps companies develop strong relationships with third-party experts who influence buying decisions.

He speaks several languages fluently and has lived and worked in various countries.



Buzz Method’s Approach to Outsourcing

Buzz Method’s Approach to Outsourcing

The approach to promoting outsourcing destinations and outsourcing suppliers that Buzz Method has honed over 15 years.
Over time, we realised that as well as journalists and industry analysts, there are other significant agents who influence the choices of outsourcing/offshoring purchasers and that they become involved at different stages of the decision-making process…

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Outsourcing Acronyms & Industry Jargon (non-exhaustive list)

CX | Customer Experience: today companies want to provide customers with a consistently professional experience no matter which channel (phone, email, chat…) the customer chooses. A major focus for BPO providers from around 2010 that continues today.

ITES | Information Technology Enabled Services: an extension of BPO, using technology to improve agents’ efficiency and capabilities. The natural bridge between BPO and ITO and arguably where BPO is headed in the medium term.

ITO | Information Technology Outsourcing: less focused on voice, more emphasis on automation and technical skills…

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – A Primer

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – A Primer

In its purest form, offshore BPO has been around since 1921, when Coca-Cola, whose delicious fizzy drink was becoming increasingly popular, outsourced some of its bottling to a company in the Philippines to cut costs and gain a foothold in the Asia Pacific region. It worked and a new industry was born.

Originally associated with the manufacturing and food industries…

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Buzz Views


Georgia is the most outward-looking country in the Caucasus, having fostered close links with the EU and NATO, since the Rose Revolution in 2003. Georgians are renowned for their hospitality and their welcoming nature has not been lost on those who visit. Already an increasingly cosmopolitan city, vibrant Tbilisi…

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I will not tell a lie, I love Egypt. I have visited and worked/holidayed there many times. I find the people to be truly friendly, the food to be good (breakfast can be rather heavy, but Ful Mesdames will set you up for the day) and the professionalism is right up there with anywhere I’ve travelled to anywhere in the world…

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I was born and raised in Honduras, a small country in the heart of Central America.

I can’t help but think how Mi Casa, Honduras, is Tu Casa, your house of business opportunity. A hidden unknown gem for those interested in providing outstanding customer service. Because if we know anything is that quality customer service, sells…

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